Things i made in 2022

Pura Gilada Prototype

Pura Gilada is an unfinished third person shooter game where the player character and enemies live on the inside of a sphere.

The game is kind of a spiritual predecessor to Ultratoro, in the sense of being an arcade type game in a non-euclidian space.

Had a lot of fun playing around with render textures to archieve some surreal and psychedelic visuals.

Pura Gilada


Puzzle platformer where the world is split into 2 parallel dimensions.

Made in 48hs as an entry for the Global Game Jam with the theme "Duality"

Schipax is a team effort

Sebastian Salguero: 3D art

Me: Code, 2d art

Bruno Riba: Code

Gabriel Iglesias: Level Design / Music

Download at



Runner game where you avoid obstacles in a torus, increasing speed with every lap.

Made for the Black and White Jam #8 with the theme "Loop" and the restriction to only use 2 colors.

A month after the initial release on itch, i released an Android version with more levels and cars to select.

Ultratoro was present at the EVA 2022, one of the biggest gamedev conventions in Argentina.

Play online/download at or Google Play.



3D puzzle platformer in which you take control of 2 desembodied hands connected by a chain.

Can also be played as a 2 player co-op experience, where each player controls a hand.

Made in 2 weeks for the Devs al Asador Game Jam, reaching the third place.

My brother Nictobrio made the 3D modeling and half of the game and level design.

Play online/download at


Gigatoro Prototype

Gigatoro was born out of a simple concept: adding guns to Ultratoro.

This colorful Spin-off was where i took the idea of adding giant "Bosses" like in the upcoming Ultratoro 2.

Gigatoro Gigatoro

Youtube videos

Released 2 Devlogs, one describing small experiments and prototypes, the other documenting the journey making Ultratoro.

Also made 2 videos covering some indie hidden gems, the first one being about SpookWare and Fuzz Dungeon, the other one covering the games released by Amon26.

Youtube video Youtube video Youtube video Youtube video